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Words have power. 

That's a lesson I learned early in life. Now, I'm using that power every day by working as a journalist.


No matter what my story assignment is, I take it seriously. I conduct high-level research using tried-and-true investigative practices; I let my curiosity lead the way as I prepare questions for my sources, and I take those conversations to heart. Whether it's an award-winning scientist, a Mayor of a big town, a victim of sexual assault, a police officer or a drag queen, I listen intently during interviews because what they have to say and how they say it matters. I compare notes, I research more, I draft, then re-draft, then edit myself down. I triple-check that my facts are straight before sending it in. I take pride in my work and I love what I do.

Check out some of my work below and shoot me a message if you need a strong writer or freelancer for your company. I'd love to chat!


Welcome to Earthsong, a Sustainable Community -- Photos, Video and Text. Made with Adobe Spark Page on an iPhone. Published here. 

Teaching Life's Lessons -- Photos, Video and Text. Published here.

A little more on me, as a journalist... 


My first date with journalism was at The Red & Black, an independent newspaper in Athens, Georgia. When I started there, I was writing up the daily crime reports and covering events around town and on the University of Georgia campus. Over time, I wrote profiles I loved, covered breaking news and politics, and looked at trends in the community. But I found myself drawn to write more about crime and uncover what stories were beneath the shorthand crime reports I was reading every day. Using investigative journalism tools I learned there and in class at the University of Georgia's Grady College, I chose to write about how sexual assault is handled on college campuses. 

I was recognized by the Georgia College Press Association in 2018 for Excellent Watchdog Journalism for my and a colleague's work on this story that looks at the process of reporting rape on a college campus from a victim's perspective. I continued to cover the topic and wrote several other stories exploring this largely under-reported topic. I am passionate about covering sexual assault stories and spreading news of these stories from other reporters because I demand justice for the victims affected. 


Nowadays, my story topics are a bit different. Lately, I've been most excited about my ongoing work with BioSpace, a hub for all things life sciences and biopharma. I write about newly developed technologies and therapies that are going to change the lives of the people affected by certain cancers and diseases. I enjoy diving into these nuanced, inventive therapeutic approaches and learning more about the ways scientists are working to change patients' lives. 

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