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When people ask me what I do for work, I enjoy telling them I'm a writer. I write, it's what I do. But if they linger for a minute longer, they might question what it is that I write. If asked, I tend to stumble over my words as I tell them that I write a large range of things, but there is an even larger range of things of which I don't write about. I write for fun, yes, and I'm working on a book, yes, but until that pays my bills, I write for other people. I've worked as a copywriter, producing brochures and marketing emails and ad copy. I've worked as a journalist, where I've covered beats ranging from biopharmaceutical news to music to sexual assaults on college campus. I have a wide range, to say the least. If you're interested in knowing which of these spheres is my favorite, reach out and let's chat about it.


Multimedia Packages

Welcome to Earthsong, a Sustainable Community -- Photos, Video and Text about a self-sustaining community on the outskirts of Athens, Georgia.  Made with Adobe Spark Page on an iPhone. Published here. 

Teaching Life's Lessons -- Lifestyle story including photos, video and text about a man and his son finding their way through a divorce. Published here.

Bokeh Focus Fundraiser -- Photo story honoring the work of the late street photographer Rusty Miller produced and presented in coordination with Kennesaw State University's Center for Sustainable Journalism. Displayed in an Atlanta gallery in November 2019 and published here.

Sexual Assault Reporting

BioPharma News

Investigative Stories

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