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Hi! I'm Kaley. I'm a writer, coffee addict, traveler, deep thinker, (cat)mother, sister

and friend. 


I've been writing since I could hold a pencil. The first story I remember putting on paper

was in the fourth grade -- it was about a group of animal friends who explored the world

to show each other the habitats they were born into. It combined all of my favorite things 

at the time -- biomes, the animals I was most obsessed with at the time (penguins, snow

leopards and hippos), and a sense of adventure. 

Now, 20-something years later, I'm still writing about my favorite things, and adventure still makes it on the list. 

When I crave adventure now, I explore somewhere new. I am fascinated by the world around me and write because I have an innate need to document those experiences, savor them and learn from them. I write some fiction from time to time, but I've found that the world around me is so mystical and magical that I don't need to escape into a world I've made up. There's so much right in front of me that I could learn. 


So that's probably what drew me toward journalism in the first place; journalism is all about learning. It's about seeing it from another person's point of view, gleaning knowledge from their perspective, learning everything there is to know about a topic you've never heard of, and then making sense of it all. Read more about my love of journalism on my published work page.

Now, I continue to work as a freelance journalist for companies like BioSpace and MedReps, where I cover biopharma news and trends in the life sciences industries. I write about groundbreaking therapies and breakthrough drugs redefining how doctors diagnose and treat some of the most common and life-altering ailments.

I also work for iHeartMedia as a scriptwriter for a team servicing thousands of disc jockeys and radio hosts. I cover entertainment news that matters to millennials and Gen Z-ers, including what's happening with the artists most popular to that demographic. Since I work remotely, I travel as much as I can and write about my experiences in new places. I enjoy documenting my favorite coffee shops, the things that surprise me about new places, and the lessons I learn while navigating through this life. 

When I'm not writing, I'm hanging out with my two cats, reading books on a patio, trying to learn to rollerskate or trying my hand at a new recipe. 

For whatever reason you've come here -- be it my detailed coffee shop recs or my resume or my published work -- I'm glad you're here. Writing is one thing, but having someone read it is something else entirely. I'm happy to share this space with you.

Here are some of my favorite photos from my current favorite places:


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