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I'm Kaley. I'm a dedicated journalist and editor with experience writing about everything from travel and music to bioscience and education. A quick learner and investigator at heart, I love to dig deep into the stories affecting my local community. I'm also skilled at producing multimedia elements to accompany those stories and make them more widely accessible.

When I'm not on my computer, I'm likely out traveling, traipsing through the mountains of Colorado or taking a dip in the ocean. If I'm in Denver, I'm likely at a park or a brewery, or I'm doing some porch-sitting and people-watching with my two cats, Winston and Norma. 

Want to talk further about the ever-evolving world and the importance of journalism? Interested in debating the pros and cons of the Oxford comma? Or maybe you just want some tried-and-true recommendations for the best spots in the city. Either way, I'd love to chat!

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