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Hey, I'm Kaley!


I'm a writer. 


I've worked as both a journalist and editor during my career, but really I love anything that has to do with words.


I'm a quick learner and investigator at heart. Like a child, I love to ask "why?" and get my hands dirty while searching for the answer. And not only can I research and write, but I can also create the ever-important multimedia elements to accompany these stories, making them more inclusive and more widely accessible. 

When I'm not typing away on my computer or burying my nose in a book, I'm generally out exploring. Traipsing through the mountains of Colorado is a great pastime for my mental health, as is traveling to find an ocean every now and again. I enjoy traveling solo, with friends, or with my two roadtrip-ready cats, Winston and Norma. 

I'd love to chat about the place of journalism in the world or the place of good copy in your business. Looking for an editor or freelance writer? Let's chat about that, too. Hit me up below or shoot me an email. 

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